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Hi Lowes!

I believe that most of you know that there's this Sweater Weather Tag going on. I first saw Jenn from Clothes Encounters did it and I thought it's a really fun tag to do! Since today was pouring and pretty cold, I think it's really suitable to do this tag :)
1) Favorite candle scent?
Sadly, I never burn a candle in my room.. but I just stalked Bath&Body Works Website and saw the names of the candle there and I'm really attracted to this Sandalwood Vanilla candle! Looking from the name, I guess it's gonna be a cozy smell? If it's true, I'm sure it's gonna be my favorite candle scent for fall. Please tell me if you have smelled this candle! :)
2) Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate! :) Milo to be exact. I've been addicted to it for these past two weeks!
3) What’s the best fall memory you have?
Best fall memory.. Oh! It was a my company's thanksgiving dinner :) The food was really good and it also recharged our working spirit as one whole team towards the goal.
4) Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
Winged eyeliner! I actually really like when people can rock dark vampy lips but when I tried to rock just a very light burgundy color on my lips... it's just.. I don't think it's working, so yea, hands down winged eyeliner!
5) Best fragrance for fall? 
I'm actually kind of person who rotates my fragrance on a daily basis.. But I tend to lean to this The Body Shop Japanese Musk Perfume Oil. I like it a lot because it has a really relaxing scent to me. Smells a bit like a scent that you smell when you go to a spa. I also like the fact that the scent lingers for a longer time compared to my usual perfume.  
6) Favorite Thanksgiving food?
I think I have to choose one from our Thanksgiving dinner and it has to be chicken wings! I ate like crazy that day. In fact I think I finished half of a bucket my my self, woops.
7) What is autumn weather like where you live?
Rainy, and I looooove it.
8) Most worn sweater? Turquoise sweater right from Forever 21 that you can see at the beginning of this post. It fits a little bit boxy and cropped. So it's perfect for days when the weather suddenly change and become warmer.
9) Must-have nail polish this fall? Don't use nail polish that much.. but I think dark burgundy is a gorgeous color for fall.
10) Football games or jumping in leaf piles? Jumping in leaf piles? I guess. 
11) Skinny jeans or leggings? Skinny jeans! 
12) Combat boots or Uggs?
I never own both of them but if I have to choose one, it will be combat boots all the way. I think it's way more chic and versatile than Uggs.  
13) Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
This is actually a funny story. Since I don't have the chance to try pumpkin spice here, I have to ask my boyfriend who's studying in the states to give it a try (Yup, that's how curious I am). He said it's pretty good and he's sure I'm gonna like it. So I think, yes it's worth the hype!
14. Favorite fall TV show?
TV show.. Don't really watch TV that much.. but my friend told me that Revenge is getting more interesting these days and I'm tempted to re-watch the series.
15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
I'm a big fan of Christmas so I've been listening to Christmas songs since early of November I guess? It just makes me happy! Here are some excellent christmas mix that I've been listening to, oh and this one is pretty dope, christmas songs with heavy remix
I tag everyone to do this sweater weather tag or tell me if you've done it, I'm happy to read yours!



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  1. nice tag!! i'd prefer a winged eyeliner too!! thanks for the follow on bloglovin. following you back. xox

    1. yes! I think winged eyeliner is everybody's favorite! :D

  2. I love drinking hot chocolate too! I'm actually addicted to it. great post! xx

    1. We are both addicted to hot chocolate! :p
      Thank you for the support dear <3


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