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Hi Lavs!
If you guys ever come across my Pinterest HERE, you guys know that I ordered the synthetic kabuki brush set from Ebay.
I decided to buy this set of brush because many reviews that say this is actually a dupe for Sigma kabuki set. You can find the set of similar sigma brushes HERE and HERE
I think it's perfect for those who are still not ready to invest on Sigma brushes which is quite pricey (in my opinion, especially in Indonesia!) and just want to have a complete set with comparable quality.

I placed the order on November 20ish and it came at December 26th, so the shipping takes about a month. Yes the waiting part can be frustrating, but considering the price, you have nothing to complain about.

The set comes with 10 brushes, 5 big or face brushes and other 5 small/precision brushes.
They come in a bubble wrap packaging that's pretty intact thus you don't need to worry,
your brushes will come to you in the perfect condition :) All the brushes are super soft and has a sturdy build!
The only downside is they come with a really funky smell, so I think it's best to wash these brushes prior usage. 

In this post I will review the 5 big/face brushes first.
Left to Right: Flat top, Tapered, Round top, Angled Version of Flat top, Angled Version of Round top
All the big brushes come with a brush guard, which is a plus for me since some reviews say that they don't come with a brush guard. I'm really glad they actually include the brush guard thus I can keep the shape of these brushes ;) Let's start with a detailed review for each of the face brushes!

Flat top kabuki brush

This is soooo popular around youtube. Let me mention some you tubers who love this brush; Jenn from Clothes Encounters, Shannon from Shannxo, and a lot more.
The real deal is Sigma F80.

This brush is dense but not too stiff so it still has a lot of movement. This brush is perfect for blending your liquid or cream foundation and bb cream. You can use it by stippling your foundation or buffing it in circular motion. I usually combine both method and the result is flawless!

Tapered kabuki brush

This brush is stiffer compared to the flat top brush since it's designed for a precise application (but don't worry it's still really soft).This brush is great if you want a very out there kinda contour line. It's actually not my favorite brush for contouring just because I like a very subtle contour, but it's still a great brush. 

Round top kabuki brush

I'll say this brush is the most dense brush amongst them all. I personally use this for powder. I swirl it on my powder, tap the excess and just press the brush lightly to my face. _________________________________________________________________________________

Angled (Flat) kabuki brush(angled version of the flat top).

The brush is not as dense as the flat top and more flimsy. I like to use this brush for applying blush. It picks the perfect amount of blush and since it has an angle then it's perfect for applying blush to this round face of mine.

Angled (Rounded) kabuki brush (angled version of the round top)

This brush is more dense compared to the angled version of the flat top. This is what I use for contouring, since it is angled and bigger than the tapered one, so it still defines your cheekbones but not really making an obvious line.

I already washed these brushes and they held up so well!
They have the smallest amount of shedding, only one or two bristles.
It's so easy to take off the product residue from these brushes, so you can have a 'brand new' brush after each wash ;)

My favorite of all is obviously, the flat top kabuki brush since I use foundation/bb cream on a daily basis.

That's my review for the face brushes! Stay tuned for the review of the precision set ;)
Hope you find this post helpful!

PS: Can't find the exact seller of my brushes but here are the similar ones who offer free shipping <3

For those who can't get their hands on these brushes, I have a good news.
My makeup shop carries THESE BRUSHES, click HERE for all collection!

What's your favorite makeup brush? What's your thought of these brushes?

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  1. What a nice brush :D unfortunatelly they just accept paypal only :'(
    mind to followback?

  2. Loving the blog! I've nominated you for The Liebster Award! Details on my blog

    Kate :) x

  3. Great post - I have just ordered a real techniques set, so hopefully my skin will be looking better some time soon!

    I found your blog via BlogLovin and would love if you could stop by & catch up on my latest posts for some inspiration too :) xx

    1. Hi dear, thank you so much.
      I'm also tempted to order the real technique set now! :p

      Sure, already followed you on bloglovin.
      Stay in touch!

      xx, V

  4. ini jatohnya jd murah yaa 300rb an dpt 10 gitu :))
    btw mind to follow me back on GFC?

    thanks <3

    1. Thanks a lot for following me
      Followed back :) <3

      xx, V

  5. Hi valencia :) you're indeed a smart buyer! Anyway I already followed you back dear..

  6. Oh I forgot to mention that I love jenn from clothesencounter too, she's such a great inspiration right? :)

    1. Hi dear, thanks a lot!
      I'm still trying not to be an impulsive buyer, but you know, sometimes reduced price items are just irresistible! :D

      Yes, she is! I love her so much, smart, pretty and has some attitude going on, what a complete package. Glad to know we have something in common :)

      Stay in touch
      xx, V

  7. Wahh asik banget mirip sama sigma terus alus lagihh!! A super steeeaaaaallll!!! X)

    1. Iya kannnn! Beli2! hahaha tp harus pake paypal minta titip beliin temen yg di US :p

  8. I believe that almost 90 percent of girls are into makeup. They love to try different types of makeup to style them in a different way. Because girls usually get bored of the same style. My sister is really fond of cosmetics. She tries different techniques of makeup to change her look. Last month on her birthday, I gifted her a pack of makeup brushes. Due to my busy routine, I decided to order them online / Within 3 days of order I received makeup brushes packed in a wooden case. I was really impressed from their packing. My sister really like them and she is using those brushes to make her more beautiful.

  9. Thanks for this great review! I love eBay brushes! I have a review on the eBay Emily brush set :)

  10. Ah mau dong.. aku kebetulan lagi di UK nih.. banyak di ebay kayak gini tapi to make surr ini merk apa yah? Katanya merk jessup juga dupe sigma yg bagus..

    1. Hi Tara,
      di ebay rata rata merknya memang Jessup kok jualnya itu.
      Iya, get your hands on them deh, they are such a good steal! :)

  11. Thanks for the post i like all the brushes they all are different, :)

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  12. Awesome post! :D I love that you have a cute picture to go with every brush you're reviewing. :)

    Makeup Brush Set

  13. I really love this makeup brush set that you attached on your blog. I found it more helpful and easy to use. thank you for this one! :)

    Makeup Brush Set


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