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Hi Lavs,
Another review here! Today it's gonna be Maybelline Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara!

My mom bought this for me, 2 months ago I think (thanks Mommy <3) I don't know where she got this and from what I see, it's pretty rare in our usual drugstore in Indonesia, so maybe you can get it online, like HERE

Okay, getting on to the review! :)

Based on the website, it retails for IDR 96000 ($10)
For me, it's not bad, because one tube of mascara can lasts for a pretty long time (but from what I know a tube of mascara lifetime is only 6 months? Please tell me if it's true! :D)

Onto the product, I think the most amazing thing about this mascara is the fact that it comes with a mascara primer! Yes, you don't need to carry another tube of mascara primer, just this one tube and you're good to go!
In case you're wondering how one stick can carry those two products, this is how the mascara looks like. So one end, is the mascara primer, and you have the mascara on the other end.

Even though you have two different products in one stick and it can be quite confusing (well at least for me when I'm in a hurry), Maybelline does a really good job in this part to encounter your my confusion! Each tube comes with a number, which is really helpful!  (Number 1 is the mascara primer which you suppose to put on first and number 2 is the mascara it self)

The mascara primer is a white liquid that claims to lengthen your eyelashes up to 85%.

I'm not sure if you can see it because it's white, but it does work! Well, not up to 85% though, but it does add more length to my lashes.

On to the mascara itself,

It claims to seal for 24 hours wear, I think this is true because it does hold my curls and doesn't smudge. 

In summary, this is my eyelashes in order (before application, after the mascara primer, and after the mascara)

My overall opinion of this mascara is 
+ it does lengthen your eyelashes significantly, 
+ It's fun to have 2 steps mascara, pretty fancy to me! :D

- I don't really like the fact it separates my lashes so much and makes them look really spidery. 
- The wand is pretty straight so it's pretty hard to get to your inner lashes

Do I recommend this? If you have short lashes and you're okay with long, but a bit spidery and not natural-looking lashes, then this product may be great for you.
I don't personally use this mascara everyday, simply because I want a more natural-looking eyelashes, but I tend to grab this when I go out to special events to add extra length to my lashes :)


- I curled my eyelashes before application - I only used one coat for each application  (you can surely build the length or volume by applying more coats)

Hope this review was helpful!


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