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Hi Lavs!
Working out. Yep, it is something that we know truly important and needed by our body, but it is just something that most people struggle with. The time, the effort, the motivation just seem a little too much sometimes. For me, the biggest problem lies in the motivation part. I often lose the motivation to exercise, so I don’t find the time and make the effort. With that being said, these are the tips that I find helpful to be more motivated to work out!

1) Have a work out buddy
Having a buddy in everything is always nice. In working out especially, having a buddy with the same goal will help you to be reminded and not to slack off. If all of your buddies are too busy, you can find a youtube persona that feels like a buddy to you. I find Cassey Ho from blogilates is really friend-like and following her exercise feels like exercising with your friend. 

2) Buy a cute work out outfit

By having a cute work out outfit, you will be more excited to do some exercise. You can buy some cute work out tank, yoga mat, and shoes.
Do check out for a huge selection of work out outfit.
They have a lot of brands and designs for you to choose from.  
For shoes, make sure find the one that is not only cute but also comfortable to wear. Check out this link (sepatu adidas classic) to find cute and comfortable work out shoes.


3) Take note of your work out session
Do your best to take note of the date and what kind of exercise you do. This will help you to stay on track. How does taking note help you to stay on track?
For me personally, I usually work out using Nintendo Wii, so the device will automatically keep track of my exercise session. For the game that I play in Nintendo Wii, it also tells me how many calories I burn in a session and how much progress I make. It also tells me how long I’ve been going without exercising (this part is embarrassing, but effective to let you feel guilty for not exercising for too long).

4) Find a form of exercise that you truly enjoy
I find walking, playing wii and doing core/glutes exercises while laying down and watching my TV shows are the ones I truly enjoy. I believe just there is at least one exercise that you all can truly enjoy, you just need to try and test it out!

5) Remind yourself, exercise is always good and will bring result (mostly, in the long run)

I am the kind of person who like seeing result and I kind of had that mind set for exercise as well. I thought if I don’t see result, I am doing something wrong. I wanted to see my body slim down and be more toned after 1 week of constant exercise, but my friends, let me tell you that is not the case for exercise. Exercise is more on the progress. You got to enjoy it and know that it has all the benefits for your body. I know one of them is exercise will make you happier!


Hope you find this post helpful in a way!

Do tell me what you do to motivate you to exercise!

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  1. I can't agree more that new work out outfit helps to give motivation!

  2. I definitely need motivation to work out, I haven't tried writing work outs down but I might give it a go. Cute work-out outfits does motivate me but only for so long!

    Cultivation of Jasmin

  3. Could not agree more about finding exercise that you enjoy (even though at first that doesn't seem possible haha!) I used to force myself to go running or spend hours in the gym and it just wasn't for me. I'm much more consistent with things like yoga.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  4. Haha i definitely agree that having cute workout clothes is heaps of motivation!

    Over the past year, I've lost 15kg and now I can't imagine life without working out. It's a huge part of my everyday and the part that I enjoy the most. I think it's important to just learn to enjoy the process of it and not think about where you want to get to. Don't force yourself, just find to do as a workout that you love and enjoy and stick to it. Thats probably my best advice :)

  5. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  6. definitely agree sama nomer 1! kalo workout sendirian rasanya jadi ngebosenin, nanti malah end up mainan hp dan nggak jadi workout :))) hahahaha


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