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Hi Lavs!

As you may (or may not) know already, I recently realized how important it is to take care of our skin.
I find that skin care is actually far more important than makeup itself, because without good skin the makeup also won't apply as nice. Talking about skin, sometimes we often be too focused on our face and forget to take care of our body, I admit I am one of those people haha.

My skin is currently very dry and I think there is a lot of dead skin :/
I used argan oil for my moisturizer every night, but unfortunately the improvement is not that significant.

Just then, SUGAR CANDY contacted me to review their products and of course I said yes :)

I chose their SUGAR SCRUB in COFFEE

*   PRODUCT   *

They come in the cutest packaging. I wonder how much time and effort they put to personally pack this scrub.

What you get in the pack is one jar of the powder scrub and a small plastic spoon to scoop the product out. They also give you a thank you card, a sticker and a sheet containing explanations about the product and how to use it. I like how thoughtful they are to include a spoon, so it will be easier for us to take the product out.

The jar is made from plastic and has a secure lid, so no worries of broken jar or product spilling during shipment. I think this amount can give me +/- 40 uses. It retails for IDR 65.000 so I think it is a pretty good price.


Take 2/3 spoonful of the scrub and put in inside a bowl


 This is the consistency that I like

For application, I usually just take two spoonful of product, pour it into a bowl and mix it with water until it become a paste. I like the way this scrub applies, it has just the right amount of grittiness where your skin really feel exfoliated, but not until you feel hurt. I recommend to use this in the shower before bath since it can get pretty messy. I personally like to use it in the shower because all the mess will be gone with just a few pours of water.


I do feel that my skin become smoother to touch right after using this scrub and hop out of the shower. I've been using it religiously and noticed that my skin is not as dry as before (but I also use other moisturizing products (here) that may help).

*    OVERALL   *

I like this scrub! It makes my skin less dry and smoother to touch. I think I might repurchase this scrub. One thing for sure, you have to use this scrub regularly to experience the maximum result!

Get this product:

Instagram : @SweetCandyScrub / @sweetcandy_ID

Line : Sugarscrub27

BBM : 53B1690B

Disclaimer: Everything was written based on my own opinion and experience.


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  1. Other than my oily face, the rest of my body is so dry! I hardly put lotion on my legs and feet because I'm too lazy to wait for it to absorb :( so bad of me. The scrub sounds amazing to scrub off all that dryness. Thanks for the review ^^

  2. Scrubbing is just one of my favorite bath time routines :D

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  3. I really like coffee scrubs, they don't only smell good but also make my skin really soft! This one sounds really good too. Enjoy using it and smelling like coffee:)

  4. I like sugar scrub! Thanks for a review!))

    Have a nice weekend!
    xx Veronica

  5. it looks really good and i love the name. i have really dry skin also, so this may work for me.

  6. thanks for sharing this review. maybe I'll try this scrub later ^^
    your blog is great. would you mind to follow each other ?
    let me know! ^^

    Fresch Cappuccino

  7. Could definitely use a scrub right now! This one seems perfect!


  8. I've heard of coffee scrubs before and I think this will be the new hype pretty soon. Glad you liked the product!


  9. Aduh racun >.< pengen nyobain juga deh, selalu lemah dengan produk natural seperti ini

  10. Lovely review~! I've never heard of this company before, but the scrub looks nice <33

  11. Great review

    Love Vikee

  12. ♥♥♥


  13. This scrub looks wonderful, it's nice to see someone doing something a little bit different. You're definitely right, I pay a lot of attention to my face and not enough to my body. However I always find using a scrub does nothing for me, maybe I'm using a duff one but I can never make my body problems go away!

    Cultivation of Jasmin


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