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Hi Lavs!

I know some of you just had your holiday and I hope you all had a blast :)
Now most of us are back to our daily routine and I know that online shopping is one of those things that can brighten up your crazy busy day!

To be completely honest, I prefer real shopping rather than online shopping, but I do shop online once in a while because stuff in online shops are usually more unique and also cheaper! It also comes handy when I have no time to explore shops to find items urgently.

Thus, here are some tips for you to shop online.

1) Read, read, read, ask and read again
Reading all the descriptions of the item that you want to buy is so important. Whether it is makeup or clothing, make sure you read all of the descriptions. Reading reviews are also important because you can get different point of views of the product. If you still have questions regarding the product, make sure you ask the shop about more details, most of online shops will get back to you with answers.
Make sure you also read the shipping and return policy :)

2) Want to get cheap price? Look for wholesale clothing shop
Wholesale clothing is for sure gonna be cheaper than retail shop. Apparel Candy is one of the wholesale clothing shop that sell clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags and even sunglasses. I find their items are so in line with the current trends. Here are some of my cute finds.


Obviously the price will be a lot cheaper when you buy the items in bulk in wholesale shop, so my wholesale clothing tips is to gather your friends who wants to buy the same item and go place an order!

3) It is better to be safe than sorry
Learn to protect your private details. It is better not to use your original name and all your personal details for online shopping purposes. Also, most online shops only need your email to make a purchase, so let's be a smart shopper ;)

I think that is all from me. 

Hope you find this post helpful in a way!

Do tell me what your favorite online shop is!

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  1. wow nice tips, thanks for sharing :)

  2. couldn't agree more with you! online shopping has become super handy nowadays but we also need to be a smart shopper :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  3. Perfect post as usual :)

  4. I actually enjoy shopping online more than I do in actual stores >_< I love just clicking things I like and it being delivered, only downside is sometimes things don't fit or don't look like the picture, haha. Great and helpful tips <3

  5. Amazing post

    Love Vikee

  6. I find this tips are helpful for everyone <3
    Nice post darl. <3


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