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Hi Lavs!
Part 2 haul and review of my Makeup Brushes is here!

This will be a review for the small precision brushes that come in the set.
These are the dupes of sigma precision kit. You can read the part one which is the review for big face brushes HERE
These small brushes are basically the mini version of the face brushes. They have the same shapes but they come with smaller size and longer handle. If you read my part one review you know that the brush set comes with 5 different shapes.

tapered, round top, angled round top, angled flat top, flat top

Flat top precision brush
The brush is not as dense as the twin sister face brush, but I like it that way! It doesn't take too much product which can make your makeup looks cakey. I usually use this for blending my concealer as well as applying powder to set my concealer. _________________________________________________________________

Angled version of the flat top precision brush

This brush is not super dense thus I think it's gonna be great for highlights because no one wants their highlights look harsh and too shimmery. Honestly I don't really use this brush. It's still clean and nice at its packaging. Not because I don't like it but because I think I kinda have enough brush for my face (but I still keep buying more brushes, first world problem huh? :p) 

Round top precision brush

The brush has rounded (dome) tip and also very fluffy so I loveeee it for blending my shadows! I get really excited about when I got this! I really wanted a blending brush for my shadows since it's know to be the most important thing when it comes to the perfect eye makeup.

Angled version of round top precision brush

please excuse my dirty brush! :p
This brush is not so dense and has the perfect angle and I just use this one to contour my nose. This one is almost identical to the angled version of the flat top brush, I think I just grab to this one first.

Tapered precision brush

This brush is the most dense of them all I must say. It doesn't have as much movement compared to them all which is a plus point for me! Since I don't really have a pencil brush I use this as my pencil brush to put eyeshadows to my outer v as well as smudge my eyeliner. Love this brush!

And that sums up my review for makeup brush set that i got. If you are interested in buying these brushes, check the seller info that I put HERE

What's your thoughts of these brushes?


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