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Hi Lavs!

New year is here, so it's time to look back a bit and do a recap of the lovely 2013.

These are my favorites from last year and it's not in a ranking order, it's just a list of them.
So, shall we start? ;)

1) Valencialala.blogspot.com (aka this blog that you're currently reading)

I know, so cliche and vain.. But seriously! Towards the end of 2013, my addiction to beauty and fashion became really unstoppable. I really can't stop stalking those two particular things. I read reviews, tutorials, and all that jazz non-stop (yes, I'm a weirdo like that).
Then I realize why am I not doing this as well? It will be super fun to have a personal diary about the things I love and I also can share my journey with people! I also feel thankful every time I can get useful information from a youtube video or blog post, so I hope someday I can also give useful information and extra knowledge to people out there :)

2) Victoria's secret fashion show

Well, who doesn't love this show? It's the most awaited show every year. The show is just.. brilliant. The concept and happy vibe never fails to amaze me. Well, the prettiest women walking on a catwalk in lingerie with the prettiest hairstyle and makeup? What's not to love?

3) Ebook reader app
I used to hate reading. Like seeing the thickness of those books already sends me the sleepy vibe :/ But when I found the ebook reading app, it's a whole different story! In fact I already read quite a few books and planning to read more. Do you have any good books recommendation? ;) 
For some reason I can't find the exact same app that I'm using, but you can download similar app HERE

4)  Solar movie (www.solarmovie.so)

This is a website where you can stream your favorite movies for free! You can find both old and brand new movies here. Well, yea it has a lot of pop-up ads which can be quite annoying sometimes, but that doesn't bother me since I just can close it with one click.

5) My growing makeup collection
I never really bought makeup for myself really, but this year I started buying new things to try and experiment with. Overall, I love everything that I bought and can't wait to do a review or tutorial with all of them for you guys. Someday if my collection is big enough, I'm going to make a post solely for my makeup collection :D 

6) Effortlessly chic style trend


This is my favorite trend in 2013! Throw some loose top and pants and you're good to go. I love it not only for its convenience but also it's great to challenge yourself to maximize whatever you have in your closet ;)

7) Statement pieces (necklace, outerwear, and bag)
I think this relates to the fact that I love effortlessly chic trend which requires some statement piece to add extra oomph your outfit. Simple outfit won't be so boring with statement pieces! :)

Here are my highlights to 2013 that went by so fast, how about you?

Teaser for next post: Affordable high quality makeup brushes ;)


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  1. Well first things first. I wish you a very happy New Year, full of Happiness and Joy.
    Second, welcome to the world of Beauty and Fashion bloggers.
    Third, great post my dear. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much!
      Will do! :)
      Happy new year for you too anyways :)

    2. Thx bunches honey, following back on GFC #6. Let's keep in touch shall we.

  2. Hello! I'm Whitney and I have nominated you for the Liebester Award check it out on my blog! :-)

  3. dear, this is a very pretty post.... ^_^



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