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I decided to write a review for an eyeliner! Well, this is kinda new to me, because I'm not that big of a make up junkie, but when I go out on special event, I do like to put on some make up. I also do a lot of make up experiments on my spare time now, because I just realize how fun it is. *I know, it's a bit too late, but hey, better late than never right!*

For liquid eyeliners itself, I don't use them on a daily basis *since I find it's quite a challenge to apply them nicely and quickly at the morning! :p*, but I surely reach to it when I want to have more definition on my eyes for special events, and this body shop one is my current eyeliner that I use.

I got this from my friend for my birthday *thank you love <3* so I can't really tell you guys how much this was, but from my research, the price of this eyeliner on the body shop website is £9.00, so it is around IDR 150.000 I guess.
(This is what the packaging looks like, mine's pretty busted already) 

It comes with 3 ml of product, which I think is a reasonable amount for the price, because we don't really use that much of eyeliner anyways. 

I'm not really a big fan of the applicator though, because it comes with a felt-tip, the sharpie kind, which is pretty thick if I want to draw a tiny line. 
So I usually use a brush from another eyeliner to draw a tiny line.
(top swatch is how thin I like my eyeliner to be and bottom swatch is the thickness that you got from using the original applicator)

As far as the formula goes, I really like it.  
The black is just dark enough for my liking, and it dries up pretty fast for a liquid eyeliner. 
Even though it is non-waterproof formula, it claims to be smudge resistant, and I think the claim is true, because I never get those raccoon eyes when I use this eyeliner.

(I tried to rub my swatch and as you can see, rather than smudging, it crumbles into little black pieces.)

Here is how the eyeliner when applied to my eyes (excuse my mom in the background :p)

I don't know whether to recommend this or not though, because I haven't tried a lot of other eyeliners in the market (give me recommendation which eyeliner to try please ! :)) but if you want to try this out, I think it's a pretty decent product that stands up to its claim. It's pretty pricey compared to other eyeliners though. 

+ Smudge proof
+ Good pigmentation
+ Dry up quickly when applied
- Non-waterproof

- Felt tip applicator

Hopefully this review was helpful !

What's your favorite eyeliner?


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