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Hi Lavs!

Finally, I did a little bit of shopping here and there for the last two months! *yeay!* 

Even though it's not that much, but I'm really excited to show you my purchase!

First things I want to show you are from H&M
I got this when I went to the H&M VIP party, where everything was 20% off.
Although it was packed, like seriously, the line was no joke guys. I literally have to queue for 2 hours to reach the register, but sacrifice has to be made and I'm really happy with my purchase, so no regrets :) Here are my picks!

H&M maxi dress 
(size: S), couldn't find the exact same one, but here is a similar one, available online HERE
I'm really into that effortless muted colors look lately and I think this dress is perfect for that. 
I actually tried on this dress in black as well, but I think the grey one suits me better. 

H&M striped basic t-shirt 
(size: L) available online HERE
I actually don't have that many basics in my wardrobe, so I decided to snatch this striped one.
It's actually pretty big on me, but slouchy look is in right now, so, yeah.. 
(Fact: it was the last one and I just really can't resist! I know a lot of you can relate to that :p)

H&M crossbody sequin bag 


The next following things are from UNIQLO
It was my first time to UNIQLO and even though I didn't plan to buy anything at all, but you know, things just happened. I couldn't resist the SALE that they had, so this is the result of my impulsive side. 

Normal black plastic frame and a slight blue tint on the glass. Surprisingly, the UV protection is pretty good! It's been a lifesaver for my eyes, and with the price that they had, it's totally a steal!


White button up
Well, you can't have too many basic white shirt and this one is pretty unique too. It has mesh panel on the shoulder area. I'm thinking of using this to work, but I think it can go well with casual pieces as well. 

And lastly.. my new shoes! <3 

TLTSN Black platform pump 

It is pretty high, but the platform makes it more comfortable than a usual pumps, and it was on SALE for a pretty good price too! LOVE this!

And that's pretty much all I got for the past 2 months! 
I tried to be a smart shopper, so I didn't buy too many stuffs that I just end up regret buying ;)
I think I'm going to do some shopping this month as well, so gonna get back to you with my next haul!

What's your best buy in the previous month?


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