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Hi Lavs! Happy new year! 
Hope you had an amazing 2016 and I hope 2017 will be even better for all of us

Speaking of beauty products... Last year, I didn't shop much for beauty products as I decided to finish most of my products. Now that I finished some of my products and I really do need to buy a few things,  I think it will be fun to make 2017 beauty wish list instead. 
Here we go ! :)

Chloe perfume 
I've always been in search of my 'signature scent'. I want to have a signature scent that is feminine, sweet but still fresh and not too overwhelming (cos you know some of the sweet scents can make you a lil dizzy). I researched about it on several websites and blogs, and chloe perfume is one of the top suggestions. Went to sephora, tried it out and guuurl, i fell in love. I think i will grab the roller ball version, simply because i still want to try some other perfumes out there (especially curious about viktor&rolf flowerbomb). Please tell me if you have tried this perfume before!

Maybelline fit me concealer / la girl pro conceal
I ran out of my last concealer maybe like 6 months ago? and for some reason I never bought another concealer. I realized most of the concealer that I used are for under eyes and I never really tried the ones for spot concealing, so I think it is the time to try a few.:) 
I tried the other versions of maybelline concealer in the past (the age rewind and dream lumi) and i think both are good quality. This concealer is especially raved on youtube on beauty blogs so i thought why not? So im gonna be trying this one soon :)
The la girl pro conceal also get rave review and it is so affordable! So i am curious on how good it is. 

Rosegold makeup brushes 
Zoeva brushes & oval brushes
Can we just appreciate how pretty these brushes areeee and that is exactly why i want these babies. Not that i need it or anything hahaha this also applies to the Real Techniques metal collection in rosegold. Let's see whether this will stay on my wishlist or end up on my already-over-crowded makeup table haha. If i happen to get one of these rosegold babies i think i'll opt for the zoeva and oval, zoeva would be nice cause it's compact and oval would be interesting to try out because of its unusual shape. I'll probably find the dupes of these two in ebay tho ;)

Facial cleansing brushes
Sooo i just watched weightlifting fairy kim bok joo (that explains the picture of the girl, please comment if you watch it too!) and it is a reminder for me to take a better care for my skin. I think other than a good set of skincare you also need to clean your face properly and that is why i am looking for a facial cleansing brushes for daily use. 

Full coverage drugstore foundation
Milani 2 in 1 foundation / Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation
Been using the revlon colorstay for my go-to-full-coverage foundation for the longest time so i think 2017 is time for a change. Even though, I do have the famous makeup forever foundation (that was a gift from my friend, thank you!) but i only use it for special occasion and i do think i need a drugstore option for a regular weekend use. I read reviews about this milani and covergirl foundation and i think they will be ones that are worth to try out.

And that is all for my 2017 beauty wish list (for now at least, this wishlist is a reminder for me not to buy things impulsively lol). Thank you for reading and please do share if we have the same things for our wish list or if you have tried any of the products i mentioned. 

Till next time!

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