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Hi Lavs!

Happy new year everyone! 
Hope you all had a great new year celebration and ready to rock 2016!
For me, 2015 was a good year and I'm so excited for 2016!

To start 2016, let's kick it in with a makeup haul.

I got these items from Born Pretty Store. Born Pretty Store is an online store which has basically, everything you need.. From clothes, accessories, makeup, nail art supplies and other interesting stuffs. They sell all these items at a very affordable price.

Born Pretty Store is kind enough to let me choose some of their products to try out myself :)

//  Pink Makeup Brush Set  //

They come with 7 brushes in total, precisely 5 brushes and 2 tools. They come with a case which you can roll up, thus it is very good for travelling!

The set comes with :
one powder brush // one angled blush brush // one flat brush for eye shadow // one pointed brush for eyeliner/lips // one angled brush for brows & one sponge thing for eye shadow application // one brush for eyebrows

To be completely honest with you, I expected less than this. I thought the hair of the brushes will be a lot stiffer and harsher to the skin, but I am pleasantly surprised.. The brushes are so soft!
I think the brushes are made from synthetic bristles, so honestly, it is quite hard to pick up powder products. I have to swirl the brushes multiple times to get the pigmentation than I want. 

You can get this item from BornPrettyMakeup

//  Beauty Blender (Dupe)  //

I was very excited about this product because I always wanted try how a beauty blender works. I followed the instructions on how to use a beauty blender because I feel it is basically the same thing, only different brand (and durability maybe?). After trying this one out, I think a beauty blender is best for thicker foundation. I tried this out with Revlon Color stay foundation and the result is flawless. 

I think the material of this one is not too shabby as well. I've been using and washing it for a few times, and it is still intact. No tearing what so ever. Overall, I'm happy about this product and I recommend this for those who are eager to try beauty blender but still considering about the price. I suggest you to try this one out first to know whether you like how it works :)

You can get this item from BornPrettyMakeup

//  Panda Eye liner  //

I was in love with how cute the packaging of this eye liner, I mean, just look at that, isn't it the cutest :3

The eyeliner is a pen / felt tip eyeliner, which I'm pretty bummed about. I was hoping for a brush tip because I can work with brush tip better than a pen tip.

The pigmentation is great, it is a true black eyeliner and goes along pretty smoothly. 
Overall I think this eyeliner is okay, especially if you consider the price.

You can get this item from BornPrettyMakeup

Those are all the items I got from Born Pretty Store.
Overall, I think the shopping experience is pleasant. I love how affordable they are and the quality still exceeds my expectation (for that price point). Of course, you can't really compare the quality with popular brand names out there.

They take 2 weeks - 1 month to ship to Indonesia, and take approximately the same time for US and UK residents. Thus I think it's best if you order your items 2 months prior the time you want to use your items, just to be safe.

The packaging is wrapped really nicely (too bad I forgot to take a picture of the packaging) to ensure your products come in perfect condition.

All in all, I think Born Pretty Store is a nice option to shop for affordable items :)

Good news, on top of the affordable price, I have a discount code for all of you!
Put the code VIAH10 and you can get 10% off :)

Disclaimer: Everything was written based on my own opinion and experience.


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  1. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about Born Pretty Store. You got some great stuff! The eyeliner is so cute.

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  3. Nice post! I`ve never shop from BORN PRETTY STORE but the brushes set look very good and I`m very interested about it

    Love Lucy


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