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Hi Lavs!

Okay, for those who already know me, you probably know that I'm a complete sucker for Japanese food. 
I can never resist salmon, unagi and all that goodness :9 But.. Even though, I have my major crush on the main courses in Japanese restaurants, I can't resist their appetizers as well! Chuka idako and Chuka Wakame are my main favorite for appetizer in Japanese restaurants. (Even only writing this makes me stomach growl, oh great, so I shall give you pictures so your stomach can growl together with mine hahaha)

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Anyway, speaking of Wakame, do you know that Wakame is not only super yummy but also have tons of benefits?
First, it is low calorie food, so no need to worry if you are on diet and controlling your calorie intake. (uh yeah)
Second, it is super good for your skin! Wakame has high vitamin and antioxidant content which can prevent acne and wrinkles, while hydrating your skin. (I know, so much win right! haha :D)

Now, how about, if Wakame is not only used for pleasing your tongue but pleasing your skin as well?

Citra sent me their latest collection of lotion and serum from the Citra Light Touch series, and guess what, all of these products use wakame as their main ingredient! Well, maybe some of you are thinking, what's the difference between this new collection than the others? I also thought of the same thing and Citra said that this collection has added benefits like faster absorption by your skin, not sticky and brighten your skin 3x than your normal skin (Isn't it what we all want for this super hot weather in Indo? :D)

Well, let's try these babies out, shall we?


Citra sent me 2 different sizes of the lotion, smaller one consists 120 ml of lotion and the bigger one is filled with 240 ml lotion. The packaging is as you can see in the picture, it's made from plastic and comes with an attached cap that you just need to flick open and close, thus it is very handy for traveling because it is not prone to breakage and leakage.

The consistency of this feels more watery compared to other lotions I tried before. It's less, I don't know, less oily I think. 
When applied, it has this slightest bit of cooling sensation, very fresh.
What I love best about this lotion is the scent! The scent is nothing too strong, but very refreshing. For me personally, it lifts up my mood! :D

Now let's see whether it's easy to be absorbed by our skin and doesn't leave sticky feeling.
Well, it is! After being absorbed, it doesn't leave a sticky feeling at all!
You can see after I tap the mirror to my skin after applying the lotion, there's no lotion sticking to the mirror! :)

Plus, I also used this before I went to the gym, and you know some body lotion gives you a slimy feeling when you are sweating (which is gross haha). This one doesn't! Yay for not slimy, moisturized skin  :) 


This one, I am very excited about! I personally never used a serum for my skin before. Usually I just use body lotion and body butter. So, I am quite curious, what makes this serum different?

 The packaging is a tube packaging, with attached cap that you can easily flick open and close. I personally like this packaging better than the lotion's packaging *because it looks prettier* :p but again, the attached cap is so handy, so no need to experience a moment where you become frantic because you can't find the cap of your skin care products *happens to me a lot hahaha*

Well, from the photo above, you can see how similar the serum with the lotion, right?
The absorption is also the same, doesn't leave a sticky feeling on your skin at all

I personally think there's no significant difference between the lotion and the serum when you see it with your naked eyes. 
Same scent, same consistency and same feeling to the skin. Maybe the differences lay more on the formulation and the effect. (I guess haha)

To be totally honest with you, I didn't expect this at all, but after applying the lotion and serum and comparing it to my bare hands, it does look brighter! haha look look! :D

Left is after applying Citra Light Touch Lotion and Serum

I think both the lotion and the serum are suitable for hot weather since there is no sticky feeling when you use it. The refreshing sensation is my favorite part of the lotion. I think these products are worth to try! :)


You guys can visit these links for more info about Citra Light Touch Series

So what do you think? Will you try Citra Light Touch Lotion an Serum?  
Till then Lavs! :)

Disclaimer: Everything was written based on my own opinion and experience.


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    1. Udah bisa dibeli productnya, you should try it out :)

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