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Hi Lavs!

If you are a fan of beauty and you are living in Indonesia (esp. Jakarta), I bet you've heard about this new false eyelashes brand called Lavie. They have many good reviews and awesome social media reach. Plus, I just realized that the name of the brand is similar with how I call my readers! Ha, a must try product for me! :D

I actually heard about Lavie about a month ago, but haven't got the chance to get my hands on them. Last week, I finally got the chance to buy them :)
Intended to buy Fleur type at first, but too bad they were sold out, so I decided to try the other types instead.

First pair that caught my eyes was Amarylis.
This pair is quite long, but nothing too dramatic. I personally think that this can give you a boost for length and volume but still acceptable for your daily use.


Second was Rosie.
I think Amarylis and Rosie is quite similar, only Rosie has shorter hair length. Picked up Rosie because it looks really natural thus I don't have to wait for special events to wear it ;) I think Rosie can give you more of volume but not much on the length.


Third was Snowdrop.
Picked this baby up because I've been eyeing for Fleur and the owner said that Snowdrop is similar to Fleur, but only a little more dramatic. I think they will be extremely helpful when you are creating an intense smokey eyes look for special occasions.

Each pair of Lavie Lash cost IDR 30.000 / 3 USD, which I think is affordable since they are handcrafted and made from sterilized human hair. They also claim that the lashes can be used up to 6 times.

If I have a good experience with these types, I'm gonna buy Ivy and Tink for the next purchase, oh and my long-awaited Fleur of course! :)

That's all that I can say for now for these lashes, till next time Lavs :*

Haven't tried any of these lashes yet, so 
please help to choose and tell me which one I should try first! :)

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  1. I am curious with the Snowdrop, they look so dramatic!


    1. Same with me! haha haven't got the chance to wear them out!
      They look a bit intimidating for casual days :/

      Will wear them next week, and tell you how it goes! ;)


  2. I used this for my wedding day and it looked gorgeous on pictures. I reuse them twice after my reception and they still hold up pretty nicely! ^_^

    1. Yea, I used mine about three times.
      Thinking of getting the bluebell one, they look very pretty in pictures <3

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  4. Replies
    1. Hi dear,
      I bought it during a bazaar, but they also have it online

      Hope that helps! :)


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