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Hi Lavs,

Since I'm currently craving for a holiday so I think, why not make a blogpost related to it first :p

For me, taking some of your makeup essentials when you go on vacation is a must, because looking good on vacation is super important for me! We're gonna take tons of pictures and who doesn't want to look good in their vacation pictures!

So, here are my makeup essentials when I go travel if I have limited space. I don't say these are all that I bring when I go travel (Usually, I bring way more than these haha :p)  It's just like what the title says, the essentials, in case I can't bring anything else, I think this would be okay for me (but then, come on, as a girl, we always bring more than essentials! Just in case, right? ;p)

1) Your favorite bb cream or foundation
I usually bring a bb cream or foundation for my base makeup (this is not my favorite but what I have as the perfect example at the moment). I think it's better to take a very affordable bb cream/foundation in a flexible packaging so it won't break when being put in the luggage and just in case it does break, it won't break your heart because it's affordable ;)
Also, I tend to choose a formula that is easy to blend so I can apply it with my fingers, or if you can't find any 'easy to blend' foundation in your stash, just take a small compact foundation brush (pardon my dirty foundation brush). 

2) Eyebrow pencil, a spooly and tweezer

Even though my eyebrows are kinda okay on their own, but I just feel it makes a big difference when I do my brows. I always use a spoolie to blend the color better and make my brows look more natural. And since my brows grow pretty fast, a tweezer is a must or else my brows will go out of control! Tips: take a pencil that is already used more than halfway, so it is smaller ! :)

3) Eyelash curler and your favorite water proof mascara
Curling your eyelashes can make your eyes look more awake and ready to seize the day. Choose a water proof mascara because you don't want to get that raccoon eyes in the middle of the day. Focusing your mascara on the roots also can give the illusion of an eyeliner.

4) A sparkly white eyeshadow 

This thing is really multi-functional my lavs! 
Pop this in the middle of your eyelid, tear duct and brown bone to make your eyes looks brighter. Also highlight top of your cheekbones, bridge if your nose and cupids' bow and enjoy that healthy glowing face of yours. 

5) Lip balm and Lipstick 

I totally hate if my lips are dry because that hurts really bad! Thus lip balm is everyday thing for me. I always apply it either in the morning or night. 
For lipstick, I suggest you to choose 'my lips but better color' which you can comfortably wear everyday. And…. a little trick that I do when I travel, I use lipstick as my cream blush as well, so it's better to choose a creamy formula for your lipstick ;)

And.. That's all my makeup essentials when I go travel! Hope that helped or entertained you in some way :)

What are your makeup essentials when you go travel?


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  1. My makeup essentials must be liquid black liner, eyebrow powder+brush, lipbalm, concealer and powder!


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